* Prices and Item may vary by location. 

Classic Combo

Because one meat is never ever enough!

two meats 110-350 cal

Slow-Smoked Bacon*
Sausage/Patties, Links, Turkey Patties*
Hardwood Smoked Ham*
Corned Beef Hash*

+ Two Eggs* adds 170 cal

Sub egg whites* minus 90 cal

+ Two Sides adds 10-1680 cal

Traditional Breakfast

Same as the Classic Combo but with one meat choice!

One Meat 110-350 cal

Ham Steak*
Corned Beef Hash*
Sausage Patty or Link*
Turkey Sausage*
Slow-Smoked Bacon*

+ Two Eggs* adds 170 cal

Sub egg whites* minus 90 cal

+ Two Sides adds 10-1680 cal


Savor the deliciously creative side of Jimmy’s Egg! Breakfast Specialties, except those with **, are served with choice of one side.

biscuits gone wild

Two buttermilk biscuits, crumbled sausage, ham, sausage gravy, cheddar cheese; two eggs*.
1770 cal

Classic Eggs Benedict

Shaved ham, poached eggs*, hollandaise, green onions, toasted English muffin 620 cal

chorizo breakfast tacos

Scrambled eggs*, chorizo, diced potatoes, pico de gallo, cilantro, spicy chipotle may, flour tortillas; salsa. 1070 cal

veggie benedict

Fresh spinach, grilled sliced tomato, caramelized onions, poached eggs*, hollandaise, green onions, toasted English muffin. 600 cal

queso blanco burrito

Three eggs* scrambled with sausage crumbles, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, green onions, and green chiles; topped with white queso, tomatoes, and green onions. 890 cal

garbage breakfast

Hash browns, onions, crumbled sausage, bell peppers and two eggs*. 730 cal


Nobody Has Our Level Of Skilletry!
Loaded & Scrambled with two fresh-cracked eggs *. Served with one side.

farmers skillet

Seasoned home fries, ham, crumbled sausage, onions, bell peppers; topped with cheddar cheese. 740 cal

Country skillet

Seasoned hash browns, crumbled sausage, bacon, mushrooms, onions; buttermilk biscuit, sausage gravy.  1340 cal

meat lovers skillet

Seasoned home fries, ham, bacon, sausage, jack cheese. 850 cal

almost healthy skillet

Seasoned home fries, fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, turkey sausage, egg whites*; jack cheese.  710 cal

carnitas queso skillet

Seasoned hash browns, pulled pork, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, onions; white queso, jack cheese, green onions. 1030 cal

Three-egg Omelettes

Served with two sides.

Western omelette

Ham, bell pepper, onion, and cheddar cheese.
510 cal

baja omelette

Bacon, avocado, tomatoes, and Monterey jack cheese. 650 cal

meat lovers omelette

Sausage, bacon, ham, and Monterey Jack cheese. 700 cal

popeye’s revenge omelette

Fresh spinach, bacon, mushroom, and jack cheese. 600 cal

very veggie omelette

Fresh Spinach, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, garlic seasoning, jack cheese. 580 cal

chicken broccoli egg white Omelette

Egg whites*, diced grilled chicken, broccoli, garlic seasoning, cheddar cheese, tomatoes. 460 cal

conquistador omelette

Chorizo, potatoes, jalapenos, jack cheese; pico de gallo, spicy chipotle mayo. 920 cal

biscuit and gravy omelette

Buttermilk biscuit, ham, crumbled sausage, bacon, cheddar cheese; sausage gravy. 1290 cal

Craft-your-own Omelette

With so many toppings to choose from, Go Meaty, Cheesy, Mild or Wild!
Select your favorite ingredients for your perfect three-egg omelette. Each omelette comes with one ingredient. Additional ingredients cost extra.

Two Sides adds 10-1680 cal

One Ingredient 240-460 cal
Each extra ingredient 0-220 cal


American 80 cal
Cheddar 220 cal
Jack 220 cal
Swiss 90 cal

meats *

Bacon 130 cal
Grilled Chicken 80 cal
Chorizo 120 cal
Hardwood Smoked Ham 30 cal
Crumbled Sausage 80 cal


Avocado 50 cal
Bell Peppers 0 cal
Green Chiles 0 cal
Jalapeños 5 cal
Mushrooms 5 cal
Onions 10 cal
Fresh Spinach 0 cal
Broccoli 10 cal
Caramelized Onions 25 cal
Roasted Red Peppers 70 cal
Tomatoes 0 cal


Hollandaise 190 cal
Pico De Gallo 10 cal
Salsa 35 cal
White Queso 140 cal

Hot Off The Griddle

Waffles and Pancakes so good you’ll be smiling ‘til dinner.

Ultimate Pancake Combo

Two flavored pancakes served with two eggs *, two slow-smoked bacon strips and one sausage patty. 1210-230 cal

berry berry belgian waffle

Belgian Waffle topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, powered sugar and whipped topping.
330 cal

Griddle Combo

Buttermilk Pancakes, Berry Berry Belgian Waffle or Cinnamon Crunch French Toast with two eggs* and choice of slow-smoked bacon, sausage or hardwood smoked ham (cost extra). Griddle item (350-590 cal), Eggs (adds 170 cal), Meat (adds 90-180 cal)

Buttermilk Pancakes

Two buttermilk pancakes. 590 cal


Pancakes shown as Ultimate Combos.

Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon roll swirl, icing. 1550 cal


Rainbow sprinkles, powdered sugar and topped with whipped cream. 770 cal

Berry Patch

Blueberries inside and out, strawberries, powdered sugar, topped with whipped cream.
730 cal

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chips, powdered sugar, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles. 810 cal

* Prices and Item may vary by location. 


Burgers served with one side.

all-american cheeseburger *

Choice of cheese, toasted brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles. 950-1170 cal.
Add bacon (cost extra) 130 cal

jammin’ bacon burger *

Bacon, bacon aioli, cheddar cheese, brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles. 1340 cal

patty melt *

Caramelized onions, American and Swiss cheeses, toasted rye bread; pickles. 1170 cal

smoky chipotle burger *

Bacon, American cheese, caramelized onions, spicy chipotle mayo, brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, pickles. 1360 cal

Sweet Monte Burger *

Turkey, ham, melted Swiss between French Toast; powdered sugar. 1440 cal


Sandwiches served with one side.

triple decker club sandwich

Ham, smoked turkey breast, bacon, American and Swiss cheeses, toasted wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo.
970 cal

cuban sandwich

Pulled pork, shaved ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard on grilled Cuban bread. 780 cal

california club sandwich

Smoked turkey breast, jack cheese, slow-smoked bacon, avocado, toasted ciabatta bun, lettuce and tomato. 650 cal

punky rooster

Grilled chicken breast, bacon aioli, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, toasted brioche bun. 980 cal

BBLT sandwich

Slow-smoked bacon, bacon aioli, lettuce, tomatoes, toasted white bread. 610 cal.
Add a fried egg* (adds 90 cal)


Dressings, Honey Mustard, Italian, Ranch.

southwest quesadilla salad

Fresh greens, grilled chicken breast, sliced avocado, pico de gallo, cheddar and jack cheese, spicy chipotle mayo, cilantro; cheese quesadilla.

burger on greens - skip the bun!

Get any of our delicious burgers served on a bed of fresh greens. Make it with a burger, grilled chicken breast or black bean patty.

Strawberry spinach salad

Fresh spinach, grilled chicken breast, sliced strawberries, red grapes, avocado, Monterey jack cheese.


chicken quesadilla * *

Grilled tortillas, chicken breast, onions, tomatoes, cheddar and jack cheese and green onions.  Served with salsa and sour cream. 1340 cal

chopped steak skillet

Fresh-cut seasoned home fries, ground sirloin, sautéed mushrooms & onions, brown gravy, green onions. Choose one side. calories 840; Sides add 10-840 cal

keto bowl

Fresh spinach, crisp greens, carnitas, bacon, cheddar and jack cheese, avocado, two eggs*, pico de gallo; cilantro, spicy chipotle mayo. Sides not included. Sub grilled chicken for carnitas for no extra charge. 960 cal.
Sub grilled chicken for carnitas (adds 150 cal)
Sides not included

Country Fried Steak

Breaded tender beef, sausage gravy, white toast and two sides. 1130 cal; Sides add 10-1680 cal

chicken tenders

Three breaded chicken strips served with honey mustard and two sides.
10-1680 cal; sides add 10-840 cal

*Burgers, steaks, and eggs are prepared to order.
NOTICE: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.


Choose one side or two sides based on your entree description.

Hash Browns 260 cal
Fresh-Cut Seasoned Home Fries 160 cal
Grits 110 cal
Mini-Stack Buttermilk Pancakes 300 cal
Toast 260-420 cal
Toasted English Muffin 230 cal
Biscuits & Sausage Gravy 300 cal
Fresh Fruit 45 cal
Steamed Broccoli 130 cal
Cottage Cheese 140 cal
French Fries 330 cal
Curly Fries 400 cal
Mashed Potatoes And Gravy 260 cal
Sliced Tomato 5 cal
House Salad 250 cal (dressing adds 160-260 cal)

Premium Sides

Premium sides add an Extra Cost.

Slow-Smoked Bacon (3) 190 cal
Hash Browns with Cheese and  Onions 370 cal
Fresh Cut Seasoned Home Fries with Cheese and Grilled Onions 270 cal
Mini-Stack Flavored Pancakes 420-780 cal
Cinnamon Roll 840 cal



Coffee 0 cal
Hot Tea 0 cal
Iced Tea 0 cal

By The Glass

Orange Juice, Apple, Cranberry Cocktail 140-260 cal
Milk – 2% White and Chocolate 150 – 300 cal
Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles 330 cal

Iced Coffee

Chocolate Fudge 250-340 cal
Cinnamon Roll 250-340 cal

Soft Drinks 0-250 cal

Coca Cola
Dr. Pepper
Diet Coke


Enjoy menu items reserved just for you! 55+ Menu is for our guests age 55 and older.

55+ Two Egg Omelette

Two eggs*, two ingredient omelette. 170-610 cal;
Each extra ingredient adds 0-220 cal

55+ Pancake Breakfast

Mini-stack buttermilk pancakes with one egg* 480-570 cal

55+ Two Egg Breakfast

Two eggs*, bacon or sausage 260-350 cal;
one side adds 5-840 cal
Sub half ham steak adds 110 cal

55+ Grilled Ham & Cheese

Ham, American cheese, white bread 5-840 cal

55+ Waffle Breakfast

Half waffle with powdered sugar, one egg*, bacon or sausage. 290-380 cal

55+ Half Chicken Quesadilla

Grilled tortilla, chicken breast, onions, tomatoes, cheddar and jack cheese; green onions, salsa, sour cream 680 cal
one side adds 5-840 cal


For children age 12 and under.

Bacon & Eggs

One egg*, bacon, fruit or home fries. 195-310 cal


Powdered sugar; one egg*, bacon. 260 cal

Cinnamon Crunch French Toast

Caramelized cinnamon sugar; whipped cream, more cinnamon sugar, one egg*, bacon 360 cal

Silver Dollar Pancakes

One egg*, bacon. 450 cal

Chicken Tenders

Fruit or French fries. 395/680 cal

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Fruit or French fries; pickles 465/750 cal


All add-ons cost extra.

Slow-Smoked Bakon 190 cal
Sausage | Patties, Links, Turkey Patties 170-350 cal
Hardwood Smoked Ham 210 cal
Corned Beef Hash 340 cal
Toasted English Muffin 230 cal

Toast 260-420 cal
Biscuit & Gravy 560 cal
Hash Browns 260 cal
Fresh-Cut Seasoned Home Fries 160 cal
French Fries 330 cal
Curly Fries 400 cal

Fresh Fruit 45 cal
Oatmeal with brown sugar 280 cal
Grits 110 cal
Cottage Cheese 140 cal
Salsa 35 cal